GeoPlanet Update v1.3

We are pleased to announce the release of GeoPlanet v1.3. This update includes several new features to help developers discover information about commonly used places, such as countries and administrative areas (states, counties), and link places with other places.

The new resources and collections in GeoPlanet v1.3 include:

/v1/place/{woeid}/descendants - return a list of places in the child hierarchy below a specified place
/v1/place/{woeid}/common/{woeid} - return the smallest place that is the ancestor of two or more places
/v1/continents - returns a list of places that are continents
/v1/oceans - return a list of places that are oceans
/v1/seas - return a list of places that are seas
/v1/countries - return a list of places that are countries or dependent areas
/v1/admin1s/{country} - return a list of places that are top-level administrative areas of a specified country
/v1/admin2s/{admin1} - return a list of second-level administrative areas of a specific top-level administrative area
/v1/admin3s/{admin2} - return a list of third-level administrative areas of a specific second-level administrative area
/v1/concordance/{namespace}/{id} - return information about identifiers used to refer to a place

Information about the Concordance resource will be covered in a separate topic. A list of the new features is provided at http://developer.yahoo.com/geo/geoplanet/g...tml#release_1_3. You can learn about all the resources and collections provided by GeoPlanet at http://developer.yahoo.com/geo/geoplanet/g...-reference.html.

We have also updated and streamlined the GeoPlanet documentation. Even if you are familiar with GeoPlanet, it may be worth rereading the documentation to learn about new ways to use GeoPlanet.

If you have questions regarding the new features, please post them to to the General Discussion Forum.

Eddie Babcock
Yahoo! Geo Technologies

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