GeoPlanet Data Readme

This zip file contains data produced by the Yahoo! Geo Technologies group.

The zip file consists of:

* a set of 4 data files (.tsv)
* a license file (licence.txt)
* this file (readme.txt)

This is a stand-alone, platform independent data provision with no prerequisites.

Following is the layout of each data file:

filename: geoplanet_places_x.tsv

This file contains basic information about each named place known by GeoPlanet.

- 6 fields
* WOE_ID - primary "place" key
* ISO - ISO 3166-1 country/territory code
* Name - preferred local language or english place name
* Language - ISO 639-2(b) language code (see Supplemental Information)
* PlaceType - code indicating place class (see Supplemental Information)
* Parent_ID - WOEID of direct parent feature

Each place has a unique permanent identifier called its WOEID. The WOEID for a place will never change, but a place may be retired due to duplication or merging with another place. The parent place is the smallest administrative place (Country, State, County, LocalAdmin, Town, Suburb) that contains the place.

filename: geoplanet_aliases_x.tsv

This file contains alternative names for places.

- 4 fields
* WOE_ID - primary "place" key
* Name - alternative place name
* Name_Type - mnemonic describing name
* Language - ISO 639-2(b) language code

The Name_Type field is a single letter code that describes the alias as follows:
* P is a preferred English name
* Q is a preferred name (in other languages)
* V is a well-known (but unofficial) variant for the place (e.g. "New York City" for New York)
* S is either a synonym or a colloquial name for the place (e.g. "Big Apple" for New York), or a version of the name which is stripped of accent characters.
* A is an abbreviation or code for the place (e.g. "NYC" for New York)

Note that preferred means that for the language listed the "P" or "Q" should be used in preference to the "Normal" record in the geoplanet_places_x.tsv file.

filename: geoplanet_adjacencies_x.tsv

This file contains information about neighboring places.

- 4 fields
* Place_WOE_ID - WOEID of one place
* Place_ISO - ISO 3166-1 country/territory code
* Neighbour_WOE_ID - WOEID of neighorhing place
* Neighbour_ISO - ISO 3166-1 country/territory code

Each neighbor relationship occurs only once in this file. The country codes are provided to allow users to filter data for specific countries.

filename: geoplanet_changes_x.tsv

This file contains information about retired WOEIDs and their replacement WOEIDs.

- 3 fields
* Woe_id - WOEID that was retired
* Rep_id - WOEID to be used as a replacement
* Data_Version - Version in which the WOEID was retired

WOIEDs are never reused. WOEIDs that must be retired due to duplication or merging are added to this file, allowing users to determine the WOEID that replaces the retired WOEID.

Supplemental information:

Supported Languages:

* ARA - Arabic (Latin transcription)
* CHI - Chinese
* CZE - Czech
* DAN - Danish
* DUT - Dutch
* ENG - English
* FIN - Finnish
* FRE - French
* GER - German
* HUN - Hungarian
* ITA - Italian
* JPN - Japanese
* KOR - Korean
* NOR - Norwegian
* POL - Polish
* POR - Portuguese
* RUM - Romanian
* SPA - Spanish
* SWE - Swedish
* UNK - Unknown

Supported Placetypes:

* Airport - Commercial airport
* Colloquial - Unofficlal place name
* Continent - Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America
* Country - Place assigned an ISO 3166-1 code
* County - Second-level administrative area (Admin2)
* Drainage - River, Lake, etc
* Estate - Subdivision, housing development, mobile home park
* HistoricalCounty - Historical county
* HistoricalState - Historical state
* HistoricalTown - Historical town
* Island - Island
* LandFeature - National, state, or city park
* LocalAdmin - Third-level administrative area (Admin3)
* Miscellaneous - Unclassified place
* Ocean - Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Southern Ocean
* POI - Point of interest
* Sea - Sea, Bay, Channel
* Sport - Sports team
* State - First-level administrative area (Admin1)
* Suburb - City quarter, neighborhood, district
* Supername - Place covering multiple countries
* Timezone - Place described by an Olsen Timezone code
* Town - Incorporated or unincorporated populated place
* Zip - Full or partial postal code
* Zone - Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), Telephone Area Code

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