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Hi all,

I am fairly new to Yahoo Geo.

I am attempting to build a comprehensive tree of county, region and city locations around the world.

My main issue at the moment is how to divide up such a complicated country as the United Kingdom.
My tree design only allows for Country->Region->City locations.

When I am looking at Yahoo Geo I am seeing similar problems to my own.

Let's talk about England specifically.

Now there are Ceremonial counties in England that from my understanding were broken up in the late 1990s (administratively at least).
This break-up mainly divided areas that had grown independent or too large into Unitary Authorities.

For an example:
- The city of Blackburn
Now it is actually part of the Unitary Authority "Blackburn and Darwen" while still being included for ceremonies as part of the Ceremonial County of Lancashire

On Yahoo Geo is says simply <admin2 type="County" code="GB-LAN">Lancashire</admin2>

Now my question is if it is a Unitary Authority it is an administrative region at the same level as the remainder of the Ceremonial County. Shouldn't these unitary authorities be put as the "admin" region above any towns or cities in their jurisdiction, rather than the ceremonial county?

Thanks all for any guidance you can provide,

Niko Roberts (http://www.travellr.com)

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  • Niko
    As you are aware the local goverment hierarchy in the UK is a complex subject.
    We do support 4 tiers of administrative unit currently. They are...
    • Country = UK
    • Admin 1 = England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
    • Admin 2 = Counties
    • Admin 3 = Local Government Districts and Boroughs and the London Boroughs.

    I realise that there are a number of Unitary Authorities (such as Blackburn and Darwen) that are effectively 2-tier authorities that span the abstract admin levels 2 and 3. So the inclusion of the former/ceremonial counties in these places is not strictly correct, but they have been retained due to another requirement that wanted the additional 'collateral' that this information provided for the affected places.

    The fact that you are not retrieving 'Blackburn and Darwen' however is a bug.
    'Blackburn and Darwen' is the assigned Admin 3 record for the city of Blackburn. It should be returned.

    Until we fix the bug, there is a 2-step workaround whereby you
    1. Get the WOEID for the named place you want
    2. Input that WOEID into the Get Ancestors query - http://where.yahooapis.com/v1/place/{woeid}/ancestors?appid=[yourappidhere]

    This should provide you with a collection of the full parental hierarchy, and result in you getting 'Blackburn Borough' returned as the Admin 3 resource.
    The preferred name should be 'Blackburn and Darwen' of course.
    This is a secondary bug and has already been logged for fix in the next release of the data.

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