Aliases and language codes

These are probably documented somewhere, I just couldn't find it, so...

- Language codes for names and aliases are ISO 639-2, right?
- What are the meanings and possible field values for "name_type" in aliases.tsv?
- Does GeoPlanet provide a way to find the "canonical" name of a place in other languages? Eg. Tokyo has a definitive name of 東京 in JPN, but what's the preferred name in ENG?

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  • No responses, but I think I've pretty much reverse-engineered the code:

    "A" is an Abbreviation
    "P" is the sole Preferred English name of a place whose local language is not English
    "Q" is the preferred name of a place in any other language
    "V" is a Variant name in any language

    A WOEID can only have one "P" alias (total) and one "Q" (per language), but unlimited A and V aliases.

    Did I get it right? :bselect a.woeid, a.name, p.place_type from #{ALIASES} as a, #{PLACES} as p where a.woeid=p.woeid and a.name_type='P' and a.woeid in (select woeid from #{PLACES} where country_code='#{CODE}')
  • Still not entirely sure what an "S" type is though. Secondary, perhaps, but how does that differ from Variant then? Most Finnish S's seem to be the same as the Q's, only with the accents Stripped out...
  • An official answer, buried on the bugs forum:

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