Search for Places of a Certain Type

I have been experimenting with the api and an enhancement that I think would be useful would be the ability to search for places of a certain type.

At the moment the only filter for the /places request is "the .q filter. This filter allows the user to provide a place name and optionally a country code".

It would be useful if you could for example specify that you only want results of a certain type.

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  • Yes, this will be very useful. We'll get it on the roadmap.
  • We have just added this functionality to Yahoo! GeoPlanet via the $and filter. This filter allows users to combine both a place name filter and a place type filter for the /places collection. The $and filter takes two arguments that are filters themselves. Here is an example:


    For a full example, please read New GeoPlanet Features or the GeoPlanet documentation.

    Eddie Babcock
    Yahoo! Geo
  • this feature doesnt work for me
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