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Have you noticed that GeoPlanet doesn't recognize your neighborhood, postal code, or favorite tourist attraction? Would you like to see these places added to a future release of GeoPlanet? If so, post a reply to this topic with information about any places you would like GeoPlanet to recognize. All suggestions will be reviewed for inclusion in our named place repository that is used by both GeoPlanet and Placemaker, our geo-enrichment web service.

What we are looking for is source material that describes the place mentioned. For each place we need to know the following information:

Place name (e.g. Chinatown)
Place type (e.g. Neighborhood)
Location (coordinates or containing place)
URL that mentions the place name in context (optional)

If you know of a source that contains multiple places, you don't need to provide information about every place; the URL will be sufficient.

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