why only facebook widget on vizio smart tv?

so i just bought a vizio smart tv yesterday and I logged into the facebook app and it only lets me use the widget for facebook... can I not get it to go on full screen and use it like a computer style? I hope this makes sense.. I read some forums and watched a few videos on youtube about it and some apps have the capability of hitting a "launch app" but that does not appear on the facebook app... I really hope the facebook app just isn't a widget because that would be a shame...? thanks for your help

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  • Hi Mitchell, Facebook is not available in fullscreen for the Connected TV platform. I will pass on your feedback to the team.

  • Interesting. Thanks that would be good. Because I know on my buddy's samsung you are able to use it just like a laptop. My personal opinion is that it should actually be full screen so it can be a fully functioning app. Thanks - Mitchell

  • Yes, i agree! Full screen!

    And how do you control the yahoo apps with our smartphones? The m series tv Yahoo profile says we can.


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