using anchor dock images with snippetsample.widget base code

I'm creating a widget by heavily modifying the "com.yahoo.widgets.tv.snippetsample.widget" example widget supplied in the SDK, and have added tags such as the following to the metadata of "widget.xml"

<image usage="960x540.loading.snippet" src="Images/960x540/dock-loading.png"/>
<image usage="960x540.anchor" src="Images/960x540/dock-static.png"/>
<image usage="1920x1080.loading.snippet" src="Images/1920x1080/dock-loading.png"/>
<image usage="1920x1080.anchor" src="Images/1920x1080/dock-static.png"/>

The ".loading.snippet" images appear properly (as do others such as .icon and .logo), but the ".anchor" images never do.

I'm presuming that the contents of "snippet.js" are overriding the existence of the .anchor images, but I've not managed to modify it successfully to prevent this (if indeed this is the problem area).

Any help would be most appreciated! The graphical elements are my last hurdle in developing v1 of my widget.

Size = both 1080 and 540
Framework = kontx/1.1 (whatever "com.yahoo.widgets.tv.snippetsample.widget" uses out of the box)

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