possible screensaver issue


We have a problem with a fullscreen app that I think may be caused by the screensaver.

It seems that if the app is left unattended for a while then the screen darkens as though the screensaver has activated. If the user then performs an action which results in video playback then the screen returns to normal brightness BUT darkens again as soon as video playback is complete.

ps We are using the old KONtx videoplayer (not the new mediaplayer) due to the app already being far on in internal testing and I've had the OK from Yahoo email support about this.

Also, I do not explictly send the setScreenSaver HostEvent as I believe the new framework handles that automatically for fullscreen apps.


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  • Hey Marc, Is this a VIZIO TV by chance? If so it could be the backlight control in the TV settings. The TV may be set on "DCR" or "OPC" power save mode. If you turn the power saving feature off the TV will no longer darken. Go to your HDTV settings main screen from the dock and select: TV Settings / Picture / More / Advanced Picture / Backlight Control / and select "Off". The screen should now never go into power save mode while your widget is in full screen mode.

    Hope that helps :)

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