playing live tv and video playback

I've tried to play live tv with the video streamed by vlc, but the tv (LG) can only play one frame after quite many trials and then stay there buffering ,never continue playing...
can anybody answer the followings:
(1) the live tv capability depend on Yahoo Engine or only depend on the hardware TV ? what need to be done in order to play live tv, just pass a url to the videoplayer the Kontx framework provided? or anything else I can do to improve ?
(2) I also try VOD,sometimes the video can be played smoothly from the beginning,sometimes it need several test and then played well. I tried to find the reason and read the source code of videoplayer the Kontx framework provided, but didn't find anything helpful. I've test the speed and find in the source code,the player will choose the most apropximate bitrate to play the assigned video. Seems everything is OK,but sometimes failed,sometimes succeed,quite weird....

any help will be appreciate!

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