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I have done everything that I can think of, up to and including a factory reset. Now, I go to the only two snippets, "My Profile" and "Widget Gallery". I select one or the other and it loads. Once loaded I can select anything on my remote and the widget disappears and the TV turns off. Samsung Model PN50B650 Software version T-CHEAUSC-1017.2 version SE04 if it helps. I contacted Samsung and they were of no help. Everything seems to check out fine with the TV and the wifi. My TV sees my wifi and my phone.

To preface, I had downloaded the Youtube widget and used it to begin with along with other widgets. Then I added my cell to the network. All was well. The widgets, I believe required an update. Once that was done I couldn't use any widget from then till now.

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  • Do I have to mention fantasy football for someone to answer?! lol

  • Hi Joseph, have you run a self-diagnosis on your Samsung TV? It should be a menu option under the Support on the main TV menu.

    You say the TV was working and then stopped working. When did this problem begin? Was that update you mention an individual update of a widget/app or a Samsung TV system software update?

  • I am having the same, or maybe just very similar, problem. Select a widget it loads and then any of the buttons turns off the TV after about 15 seconds. It then turns tight back on. Same model number (PN50B650) though my software version is 1018.

  • Ronald, I did the self diagnosis. Everything is fine. The update, I believe was a widget update. 13 of them. The app was working but not in-conjunction with my phone. After the update, I can do nothing. I ruled out the remote by using my phone as the remote. I do not believe it was a Samsung update. I also can not get a factory reset. They say it is like out of the box but it has my name still in it from before the reset. It is nothing more than a setting reset and not a software/hardware reset. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

    I just updated the mine to your version Vincent, as a last ditch effort shortly after I posted this here.. Samsung said that the a fore mentioned version was the updated one....we both know that was wrong. They want someone to come out. I think there is much I can do still.


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