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What is the preferred method to check for server connectivity to remove the yellow triangle from the snippet. Should we have a background task kick off every XX seconds and test? If so will the triangle remove itself or do we need to call a function to do so?

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  • Connectivity could fail for any number of reasons, so we can't handle this state automatically in the framework. Please note that "no network" doesn't just mean the device doesn’t have a network connection, but it could also mean that your servers are down or that the internet in general has issues. You should not kick off a background task unless you are already doing so. Only pop up the network triangle when a request fails and as soon as one succeeds, then clear the state. You shouldn’t be polling frequently simply because of checking for no network if you don't need fresh data. You can poll every few minutes to get connected again. Note that the widget can make a call every time the sidebar is launched from the dock, so polling should be turned off when you have a connection again.
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