Vizio Smart TV remote not working

I've replaced the batteries. The remote will not power the tv on or off. Once the tv has been manually turned on, the VIA button won't display apps. Pressing it or apps buttons results in the tv displaying "11" Cannot load apps at all. I've manually tested connection. It is fine and signal is strong. Vizio 47' Smart TV E420i-A0

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  • this may sound bizarre, but try putting a piece of masking tape, (both blue painters tape or brown seem to work) over the sensor for the remote on the tv. mine is on the lower right hand corner of the tv. the sensor does show as a small rectangle discernable in the plastic frame. the tv has respornded to the remote ever since. i think the tape filters out some stray light signal that is eminated somewhere in the room that blocks the remote infra red signal.

  • To anyone out there... what dan said with the tape WORKS..!! Thank you DAN..!! Unreal fix but very true.!****

  • so true... the tape works.....yep!yep!yep!


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