Subscribing to onUnloadProfile

Working on a video widget, I've had a few bugs circling playback and multiple profiles. Things work quite well when my widget is installed on two profiles and you switch between them because events fire as expected.

EventHandlers.handleProfileEvent.subscribeTo(KONtx.application, ['onLoadProfile', 'onUnloadProfile'], EventHandlers);

It also works using KONtx.HostEventManager, as long as both profiles have the widget installed, my event handler ideally will call KONtx.mediaplayer.control.stop() if it finds one of my widget's video files playing, but just having it do a log of the events it sees, as soon as I uninstall my widget from either profile, all the profile events stop coming in. Is this some sort of scoping issue or am I just going about stopping video on a profile switch in an entirely incorrect way?

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