Separating developers' and designers' tasks

All the sample TV Widgets I have found use a nearly-empty main.TV file and include javascript file(s) to define everything about the widget.
This approach requires javascript competency from the designers as well.

Is there a way to separate coders' and designers' work? Is it possible to create the structure and appearance of the widget totally in an XML file and define the behaviour of these elements in the js files?

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  • Our designers here very rarely ever touch the Javascript code. What they do is build a Photoshop mockup of the widget and then slice up the assets and provide them to the developers for integration into the code.

    To answer your question directly, technically it's possible, but you will have an exponentially higher difficulty developing your widget that way and I can almost assure you you will not be able to pass QA. The framework handles a lot of things for you which are required for your widget to be allowed on the platform.

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