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FAQ - This post is taken from a list of the most frequently asked questions during the pre-release of the WDK

We are currently trying to create a sidebar with a keyboard in it. I've followed the developer guide and used the example in it. You can see the code at the bottom of the email. We keep getting the following error:

"TypeError: KONtx.control.Keyboard is not a constructor"

Any ideas?

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  • These are the examples from the WDK that’s in the most version of the WDK v0.9.5-21. You will notice a reference to the old control is still present in control.js, so I’m hoping this will be removed by the time you get the udpated version next week.

    In this example used in the Toolbox Widget the default value “Your Company Name” appears as a grayed out entry in the text entry button.
    It does not appear in the keyboard view:

    var textEntry = new KONtx.control.TextEntryButton({
    id: 'text-entry-button',
    label: 'Company Name or Symbol',
    defaultValue: 'Your Company Name',
    styles: {
    vOffset: text_button_header.outerHeight
    events: {
    onSelect: function() {
    log( this.outputValue );

    Another sample is visible in toolbox/views.js and look at KONtx.view.SearchSuggest
  • If you find any of this FAQ confusing or have additional questions, please open a new post with your specific question.

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