New Vizio E601i-a3e - Unable to use Amazon App


Brand new to Vizio and this forum. Plugged in the TV and went to access Amazon App and I get an error that says it is not available.

Any advice? Help?



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  • Hi Dave,

    Amazon App is only available in the US. Are you by chance a user outside the country? If so the launcher should have been removed on second boot up of the TV once we establish that you are not in the US. Apologies for the inconvenience.

    Regards, Oli

  • I am in the U.S. Response from Vizio is that the app does not work on 2014 TV's. Not pleased.

  • This is what is going on vizio sold me 2 new tv.s with the amazon app clearly on the box and amazon has turned off the app for ALL 2014 vizio tvs so they can sell more of the new tv top boxes its a total scam... HUGH RIPOFF

  • I have a new vizio tv, 70 inch, it was replaced under warranty because there was a defect with the one I bought. vizio was very helpful. the amazon app worked great on the tv I bought. however since the replacement is newer the app is not working and here's why. all new smart tv apps must include close captioning. amazon is one of the smart tv apps that did not have this available. so they are building it now. I am told it should be ready and uploaded to all the smart TV's within the month.


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