Netflix won't work on a brand new E550i-B2. Error NW-3-6/NW-3-7

Hi! I just bought a new E550i-B2 yesterday, and when i got home and performed all basic setup (including successfully accessing my wifi network that was recognized immediately), the TV immediately started downloading and installing 25 widget updates that I couldn't stop. The first thing i attempted to do was to log in to Netflix (as this is what i basically bought the TV for), and started getting an error that Netflix could not be accessed from the first time. The first network checkup showed everything was fine but after the error persisted, every single network checkup (from within Netflix, as the TV checkup was fine in all aspects) displayed that the TV simply could not access any of Netflix servers, even tho internet connection was fine. I got alternately an error displaying "Cannot connect to Netflix" or "Cannot connect to netflix, error NW-3-6, for for information go to <htt://www.netflix.com/help>".

Upon initial research I found the "return to factory settings" solution and did just that, twice...to no avail. Same error, and Netflix is still not working. Any news on why and when this issue will be resolved? As i repeat, I bought this last night for the sole purpose of watching Netflix.

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  • We bought two for that same reason and the 28" is doing what yours is doing and the 40" logs on just fine but then ut just randomly exits back to cable over and over. Please help

  • Netflix blames everyone else for their problems.... I don't have any other issues, only netflix. It works sometimes, but rarely. I'm tired of messing with it. Good luck.


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