Netflix App update on Vizio TV

I have a Vizio TV with the built in Netflix app. I'd like to know how to update so I can select English as the movie language and get subtitles. The TV will not allow an uninstall/reinstall of Netflix. Thanks.

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  • Make sure you set the language on your TV to English. This may be done in the HDTV Settings app. If this does not change the language in the Netflix app you will need to contact the app developer (Netflix) for directions on how to change the language.

  • This doesnt answer how to update the Netflix app on a Vizio TV, which is what we need to see captions or subtitles. Almost seems like this is completely overlooked trampling on folks who need captions or subtitles.

  • I agree with Paul. I want the options to pick which family member is watching Netflix, subtitles and all the other options Netflix offers. I have no problems with these options on my 3 other smart TV's. The Vizio app from yahoo store is the worst. I will never purchase another vizio or use yahoo store again after having these same issues. It is not netfflix short coming it is vizio and/or yahoo stores short coming.

  • Most of the applications that are launched by the Yahoo Smart TV system were developed using our platform. For these applications, Yahoo can work with the developer to address issues and push updates.

    In certain cases, such as with Netflix, the developer has chosen to work directly with the TV manufacturer for the application. Yahoo provides the ability to launch that application from our platform. Unfortunately, in these cases Yahoo has no ability to update the application directly. While we will forward any issues we become aware of, if you are having trouble with Netflix, please contact Netflix and the TV manufacturer directly.


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