Missing Certain Apps

Primarily concerned about missing NHL GameCenter but I'm also missing a bunch of other apps on my Vizio E601I-A3. Also missing: Blockbuster, Nasa, Twit, FramChannel, Desmet, ShoTime, TVguide, Jamble, Wordsearch, Spacecowboy, putpat, teletext holidays, and probably about 30 others. Most of these I don't care about but my point is why aren't they showing up on my brand new tv. Just updated firmware, called vizio and no conclusive answers on the net so far...

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  • Taylor, some of the apps have been removed due to request from the Publisher that it is no longer supporting the app on the platform.

  • So basically NHL Gamecenter has been removed? I wish I would have known that I would not have bought television. You guys just lost a customer! =(


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