When I launch the Netflix app, it doesn't give me the option to log in with my username and password. It only gives the option to sign up for a new membership. We've not used Netflix on the TV before, this is the 1st time I've tried to access Netflix.


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  • Hi Anita, I am looking into this for you.

  • Anita, can you try to reset your TV by doing the following:

    -press Menu on your TV remote -click on Help -then scroll to "Clear Memory (Factory Default)"

    This should put your TV back to set up mode. In the set up, please be sure to check the boxes for Terms and Condition. It will ensure that your are connected to the internet and enable the Netflix app to work.

    If this does not work, please contact the Vizio technical support.

  • I'm having trouble trying to log into Netflix on my vizio smart tv. It brings up the keyboard but I cannot see what letters I'm clicking on because the letters are not being highlighted. It's like a big guessing game trying to figure out if my remotes on the right letter. HELLLLP!

  • Hi Nicole, what is the tv model of your Vizio? I'd like to see if we can research your issue further.

  • Hi Elinor, I just got a 50 inch vizio - E500-A1

    The netflix app will only display "Unable to connect to netflix. Please try again or visit: blah blah blah"

    Also the Amazon app will only display "connection unavailable the app is unable to refresh its data and will be closed. please try again later"

    These two apps do not connect to the internet, however when I use the Yahoo finance app, Facebook app, and Twitter app all load and connect to the internet.

    The internet connection is not the problem. I have tried to deactivate netflix. I have restarted my router. Nothing has worked. I am using a wired connection via ethernet.

    Any advice?

  • Hi Chris,

    The Netflix or Amazon app may not be registered on the TV. Can you verify by pressing Menu button on TV remote-->Click on System and System Info--->Scroll down to the UTV section and REG should be YES if it is registered. If it is NO, please refer to your TV manual to contact the manufacturer's customer service.

    Regards, Elinor

  • Just spoke with Vizio. They are telling me that no way will any of the internet apps work if you don't have at least 3MB of connection download speed. I think this is just a way of getting out of having to support their faulty product. No where does it say that their product needs that speed to work. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. I will never buy another Vizio product.

  • Please refer to this link : https://answers.vizio.com/hc/en-us/articles/200632670-Correcting-VIA-App-Issues

    The video talks about the required bandwidths to stream various VOD services.

  • I just bought the E4201 A0. I have tried for the past 6 hours (not exaggerating) to get any of the app widget things to connect and/or the yahoo connect store to work. I am connected to my wifi and it shows all ips correctly in networks and system settings, I have reset my wifi security (which did actually allow everything to update and install 27 updates and let me log into yahoo finally). I've reset tv to factory and re set up several times - I have reset and rebooted my wifi router numerous times. my REG says YES... I have plenty of bandwidth to run this junk - what else is there?

    I don't mind spending a little time to have a cool TV - this is not cool, it's BS! I don't think I should have to have a degree in computer science and spend an entire day setting up a stupid TV that I paid a lot of money for. Not sure who aggravates me more, Vizo or Yahoo.

    If I don't figure it out tonight - it's going back. This is plain stupid.

  • Okay, I just read a post elsewhere and found my fix. I entered both DNS numbers manually, and instantly - everything connected. Wish I would have started there. This is still a crock to do all of this research and resetting, though.

  • my wife subscribeve to netflix 3 days ago on my computers works fine but in my smart vizio tv model E3D470VX show screen saids "wellcome back" ," finish to signng up." push ok and send me to other screen ask me for credit card ect.... i don't want to have two accounts or charge me double. thx for you help.

  • Hi Fernando, The number of screens you can watch on at the same time will depend on your streaming plan. Please refer to Netflix's Help Center here: https://help.netflix.com/help.

  • I bought a 32" E-Series tv today but it won't play Hulu or Netflix? I was able to log in to Hulu but after playing the first ad it quits the app? and when i try to open up netflix it won't even bring up a screen to log me in. it just says that it cant connect to the netflix servers.

    • May 6, 2014
    Hi Hannah,

    Most of the applications that are launched by the Yahoo Smart TV system were developed using our platform.  For these applications, Yahoo can work with the developer to address issues and push updates.

    In certain cases, such as with Netflix and Hulu, the developer has chosen to work directly with the TV manufacturer for the application.  Yahoo provides the ability to launch the application from our platform.  Unfortunately, in these cases Yahoo has no ability to update the application directly.  While we will forward any issues we become aware of, if you are having trouble with Netflix and Hulu, please contact Netflix, Hulu and the TV manufacturer directly.

    Here are the help links:


  • Hi I am trying to sign in on Net Flex and I typed in a wrong password HOW do I erase the one thats in there. I press the arrow button, del and they dont do anything

  • Hi Nancy,

    Refer to Netflix Help Center: https://help.netflix.com/help. They have wonderful tips on how to restart the Netflix setup on your TV.

    I hope this helps!

    Regards, Elinor

  • My vizio tv says "we're having a problem connecting to Netflix. Please try again or visit: http://www.netflix.com/help code: nw-4-8" I have gone to their website and it has not helped. Our wifi is fine and I'm not sure why it is not working. Please help!


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