Apps not work, cannot download anything

E320i-B1 - I am connected to wi-fi, the only app that is working is netflix everything else is claiming in need to connect to the internet. I was able to sign in to yahoo, but weather or the other apps do not work.. When I click on the "v" button twice nothing happens, as well. Thank You, Sam

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  • Hi Sam,

    It sounds like you may not have checked the Terms of Service when setting up the TV. Please go ahead and go to any of the apps on the dock and click on "How to connect". Click on the "Open TV Network". In the Terms of Service sidebar, check both boxes to accept TOS and Privacy Policy. Then press "OK" button. Then test connection to see if you are connected. Once connected, you will be able see the dock with one click of the VIA button and clicking the second time should allow you to see the App Store in fullscreen.

    Let me know if you need further troubleshooting.

    Regards, Elinor


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