Amazon Instant Video App Crashes VIZIO TV

I've had this issue for about six months now; I've spoken with Amazon and with VIZIO several times, and have yet to receive any information regarding if or even when a fix will be available.

The Amazon Instant Video app crashes my TV at random times when I attempt to resume a video I was watching or if I rewind or fast forward a video I'm currently watching. Basically...if I want to continue watching the rest of a movie or TV show later, I have to keep the video paused until I come back...which is not a fix.

I had the similar issue with the HULUPlus app; I basically canceled my subscription because I couldn't watch any of the shows I wanted to watch.

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  • this is happening to me too. I cannot start the amazon app at all, generally instead the tv shuts off but sometimes the app toolbar comes up instead. I've only had the tv about a month

  • Same here....seems since the last upgrade...

  • Has anyone found a fix for this? I just got mine, and I haven't been able to open the Amazon Instant app without it crashing yet.

    Netflix is also crap on this TV... Really going to look into the return policy on this thing.


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