why is yahoo so terrible?

What are u developers going to do when Google finally finishes you off? I'm done with this piece of shit site.

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  • If you could elaborate as to what is frustrating you, I'd be happy to help.

  • Duzins, you guys seem to have abandoned the community. See my two posts without a reply, or check e-mails to the developer team also with no replies. You'd think Yahoo didn't want anyone to touch their services..

    iOS SDK hasn't been touched in 4 years?! Emails, forum posts unanswered.

    First looking at the documentation looks great, but support other than reading the documentation yourself seems to be next to non-existent.

  • Stephen,

    I'm sorry that you feel that way. Your post asks a question that doesn't really have an easy answer. Priorities shift and sometimes lack of developer interest or business priorities mean a product that you personally think is important, loses resources.

    I haven't seen forum posts or email unanswered, so if you'll point me to any of those, I'll endeavor to get you an answer. My email address is rtippins@yahoo-inc.com

  • Is there anyone on the iOS team that might have a better idea about the SDK? I fully understand resources shift, but the SDK made it so much easier to connect to your social services so I'd prefer not to write my own wrapper if possible. Especially for not allowing commercial without approval/consent. I sent an e-mail last week, as well as a few months ago inquiring about a commercial license but have yet to hear back. Could I e-mail you about that?

    As a side note, there are definitely more people who find an iOS SDK important if you search around Google lots are still having issues trying to connect, and others are still trying to use the old SDK, which can't even compile anymore. Not to be a hard ass, but I'd think the demand for such an SDK could and would grow if it was more readily available.

    Thanks, -Stephen

  • At this time we don't have an up-to-date iOS SDK for you. Regarding commercial access request, please use this form: http://developer.yahoo.com/contact


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