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Even when I simply include jquery to my project, it stops working in pulse. I've tried noConflict and I've searched the web with no results. Anyone dealt with this? I don't have to have to resort to rebuilding everything outside of jquery because I have to be cross-browser friendly and that could take a while sad.gif

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  • Hi Jackson,

    I believe you may be referring to the application construction platform (YAP) for building apps for Pulse - please disregard this if that is not the case. JQuery is not currently supported within Caja, which is our front-end code parsing and security system used for YAP. The majority of YUI 2.8 is supported within the platform and documentation is available at http://developer.yahoo.com/yap/guide/yui-support.html

    Jonathan LeBlanc
    Technology Evangelist
    Yahoo! Developer Network
    Twitter: @jcleblanc
  • Thanks Jon,

    I have since looked up the YUI 3 and just downloaded it. I'm assuming this will work, so here's the link in case anyone else needs it:

  • YUI 3 hasn't been adjusted for Caja at the current time (work in progress). Only the YUI 2.8 elements at the link are currently available.

    - Jon
  • I noticed that 2.8 is what is available right now. I've gotten a few things converted over from jquery (still getting my hands dirty).

    I'm having trouble accessing the YAHOO global in the YAP environment (as my js include seems to be getting stripped). What's your recommendation?

    PS- Thanks for helping me.

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