geoplanet woeid misspelling

Hello, (sorry for my english) In Geoplnat the woeid 782974 gives city "La Chaux de Fonda". It's in Switzerland, Neuchatel canton, in Romandie, french part of Switzerland. The name of the city is "La Chaux-de-Fonds" as you can see on their official website http://www.chaux-de-fonds.ch/en/

There are 2 problems. 1rst one more important, is the "a" instead of "s" at the end giving "fonda" instead of "fonds". In french, "fonda" is a 2 syllables word "fond-a". For "fonds", the "ds" aren't pronounced at all so it's 1 word syllable "fon". Is it possible to change and to put "fonds" instread of "fonda"?

2nd problem is less important. In french in general for official name composed of several words, it's common to link those words by a "-" to make it like 1 word. So "La Chaux-de-Fonds" instead of "La Chaux de Fonds" to have "Chaux-de-Fonds" as 1 word. Now it's acceptable without the dash. So if putting "-" in name give some programming problems, it's ok.

Best, pier

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  • If you see an inaccuracy in a Yahoo map, please file a correction report. From here, you can report:

    • Incorrect address name or spelling
    • Incorrect location
    • Incorrect direction (street loops, dead end, not listed, etc.)
    • New map location (new housing development, streets, etc.


  • I checked this link but on this link La Chaux-de-Fonds is well spelled! So i don't know what to report ???


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