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If I use the following service http://local.yahooapis.com/MapsService/V1/geocode?appid=

and I have multiple websites staging.com production.com etc. then do I need to multiple appid one for each environment I deploy the application to? If I need one for each when I register the appid do I just need to provide the root .com address as the application url or does it need more specifics like staging.com/myBusinessURL/ or just staging.com is sufficient for the service to work. Any help is appreciated.

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  • Hello,

    You don't need to provide a host for the geocoding API. This is an optional field when registering for a general access key and while we would be happy to know where you're using the API, you won't be denied the key if you don't provide it for geocoding.

    You register for the key here:
    and select the first option for authentication method: Generic.

    You can use the same key for all of your environments (development, staging, production, etc). Hope this helps and happy developing. ttyl,

  • Thanks this is the answer I was looking for.

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