Yahoo finance field misalignment for CSV

I'm trying to use Yahoo Finance to create a custom csv but depending upon the stock there is field misalignment.

For instance, if I just want to download the "k3" field for "yahoo" stock -- which corresponds to last trade size, I would craft the url like so:


However, if you download that csv there are two columns of data.

Similarly, if I decide to get Float Shares , I want the url:


However that gives me 3 columns. Is there a way to get it in exactly one column? I want to automate this process but the different column orientations make it very difficult as different rows then have different column lengths and I am unable to easily match up the column name with the row.

Bonus: If someone can explain where the 3 float share numbers come from that would be great, I seem to only be able to match up the first to the site...

Thank you for your help!

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