Yahoo api - Worst API i have ever used

I was going to integrate the yahoo oauth with our website for user authentication. Unfortunately, I met tons of problems, this gives me a bad feeling about yahoo API compared with other API I used in our site (google, facebook etc)

I listed the problems I have found below:

  1. On API dash board, after the application have been created, I tried to modify the permission of one of the API (Social Directory in my case), changed it from Read Public to Read/Write public and private since users always set their email address as private by default. And after I clicked the radio button on "Read Public to Read/Write public and private", The button "Save and Change Consumer Key" is not highlighted so that I can not press it. And of course, the changes are not applied, the only way to solve this is to click another api on the list so the button will be clickable.

  2. On API dash board, api list "Social Directory", option "Social Directory (Relationships)", I assumed this would be a checkbox type button instead of a radio button, and this caused that once you have accidentally selected it, you will never have a chance to deselect it.

  3. Sometimes when I try to delete a project, the information shown on my screen is something like "the project is successfully deleted", but on my project list, it is still there! And I tried to delete it again, it works. This is not happening all the time.

The browser I used which could reproduce the above problems is Google Chrome Version 30.0.1599.101 (latest version)

  1. Once I set the permission on API "Social Directory" to "Read Public to Read/Write public and private", and I can still not get any private information from the server. that means if I set my email address to private, I can not get it with api until I set it to public!

I only have experienced the yahoo api for about few days and it is so confused, hope anybody could help me with this "worst" API I have ever used.

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  • Thanks for reporting this. We are working to fix the issues you reported. As a temporary work around, please re-select "Social Directory" option on the API dashboard. that will enable "Save and Change Consumer Key" button.


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