Yahoo Widgets! forum not working...

I'm trying to register to the Yahoo Widgets forum (http://www2.konfabulator.com/forums/) in order to ask there a question, but it's impossible. I get the following message:
"The board administrator is no longer accepting any new registrations at the moment.".

Anyways, perhaps someone here can answer my question:
I have a database (SQL Server) which is updated every few minutes with information about some tasks and their status (it's for the place where I'm working).
I need to write a widget which will be used as some kind of a dashboard. Users will see some information through this widget, the information will be retrieved from the DB.

I've tried to search the web for an explanation about the way to do it, but didn't find any answers. I played with the SQLite but don't know if it helps...

How can I use a widget to query an SQL Server DB?


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