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Hi all,

I'm wishing to integrate Yahoo maps on our company intranet to help with a car sharing scheme. However reading the terms of service I can't work out whether this is allowed or not.

The following from the Maps API terms of service (http://info.yahoo.com/guidelines/us/yahoo/ydn/ydn-3955.html) makes it sound like it is:

"With the Yahoo! Maps APIs, you may:

* Build Internet or intranet applications or web sites that use Yahoo! Maps APIs for personal or business use as long as the applications are free of charge and do not exceed the daily rate limit;"

However the Maps data terms of service (http://info.yahoo.com/legal/us/yahoo/maps/mapstou/mapstou-278.htm) explicitly sates that the data is to be used for personal use only:

"Personal Use Only. You agree to use the Data together with Yahoo! Maps solely for personal, non-commercial purposes for which you were licensed, and not for service bureau, time-sharing or other similar purposes"

These two terms of use appear to be in conflict as saying that the api can be used on an intranet is meaningless if the data that it returns cannot be.

Could anyone with more legal knowledge than myself comment?



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  • Chris,

    Let me see if I can't get a Maps team member to clarify.


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