Yahoo! Local API shut down-any alternatives for this

We use Yahoo! Local API webservice for an important application. Any alternatives for this webservice? Does yahoo provide any other alternative webservice for this??

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  • Please help...

  • I do not know of an alternative.

  • When developers committed vast resources to Yahoo's APIs, we expect Yahoo to commit to keep the API working.

    Developers will be very hesitant to use Yahoo's API in the future if Yahoo can't keep the commitment.

  • As these apis are of great value, we have been using the service for years and quite surprised to see them not working. Has it been officially shutdown?

    I request the administrator to give us the official response with any alternatives to go with.

  • we are left out in the rain.

  • Rajiv,

    I know of no alternative, though I did see this discussion that proposed an alternative: http://developer.yahoo.com/forum/General-Discussion-at-YDN/Where-to-go-from-local-search-/

  • By shutting down APIs, Yahoo shuts doors on developers. I used to trust Yahoo but my trust to Yahoo is totally gone. I believe all Yahoo developers feel the same way.

    Fix it now by bringing those APIs back before Yahoo's reputation is toatlly destroyed by the poorly handling of API shut down!

    Once developers got burned by Yahoo, they won't come back!

    Ms. Marissa Mayer, are you listening?


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