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I have two questions regarding YDN, which I am having some trouble with. The first - Is there any API call I could use to get the logged in user's Yahoo ID? I know I can get the user's GUID, first name, last name and nickname, but I want a unique readable name, one I could use to distinguish between several users who share the same first/last/nick-name.

And the second one - I have already asked the exact same question nearly 2 months ago, but no one has replied since... So I'll try my luck again: Is it possible, given a valid MID (message ID), to view the email at Yahoo's site? That is, given the MID 2_4_1233_1208319238_128314, get a URL similar to: http://www.mail.yahoo.com/2_4_1233_1208319238_128314 (or something like that)?

Thank you! Jacob

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