Yahoo GeoCode 404 Not Found

I'm getting 404 not found error when using the url http://where.yahooapis.com/ for geocoding. Has something changed?

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  • Hello Kharl,

    I have the same issue (see my post). No explanation so far...

    Were you using the url the same as we did : appending "/geocode?q= " to the url ?

  • Hi Paco - Yes, we are using the geocode path.

  • I am having the same issue....using the same URL

  • Same here.

  • Seems like it might be back up?

  • True enough. "http://where.yahooapis.com/geocode?q=tours" returns a correct xml answer...

    Problematic though that we cannot know what on earth has happened : feels like one's app is under Damocles' sword !

    Let us keep fingers crossed fellow user !-)

  • We shutdown the old place finder API yesterday as per http://www.ysearchblog.com/2012/09/26/boss-geo .

    The YQL table is still available to non-commercial users (rate limited to 2,000 queries per day) and we of course have the BOSS Geo services.

  • Duzins - what does that mean? Is it going to get shut down again?

  • Duzins,

    Would you please be so kind as to tell us exactly what the url "http://where.yahooapis.com//geocode?q=" will become ?

    The link you provide does not mention this url. The subject of "YQL tables" does not seem to me related to the present issue.

    Any information will be greatly appreciated,

  • Since I don't work on the BOSS team, I can't answer specific queries. I recommend you reach out to them directly in their Yahoo! Group at http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ysearchboss/

  • try the link at http://gws2.maps.yahoo.com/findlocation?pf=1&locale=en_US&flags=J&offset=15&gflags=&q=Hasselt&start=0&count=100 dont overuse , but it works quite similar to the old service

  • There is an 404 not found error when using the url http://where.yahooapis.com/geocode for geocoding.

    Is this service temporary down or has been shut down and replaced by BOSS geocoding?

  • Same here Khahn.

  • This really makes me sad, not only because the geocoding API no longer works, but because the shut down was handled completely inappropriately.

    A 404 page? Why not a page saying, "Yahoo is now charging for Geocoding, please click here to pay for this service." At that point, I enter my payment info and I'm done.

    Instead, I have to search the web for why I'm now getting 404 errors, get redirected a few times and then luckily find this thread only to learn that I have to rewrite all my applications to use a new service by Yahoo that does exactly the same thing and I also have to pay for it.

    I don't mind paying for the long/lats. I do mind having to rewrite all my code. I do mind not being informed that the service is being shut down. I do mind being treated this way as a user of a service and THAT makes me not want to pay Yahoo for the data. If all I had to do is pay $6/1000 lookups, fine. But now I have to evaluate the APIs, mapping, etc and choose a platform I can trust into the future.

    I don't think that's Marissa Meyer's new company. I'm totally not at all feeling secure here at all. I really loved Yahoo. I considered working there. I thought good things were on the horizon. But now I'm just totally dismayed and pessimistic about the future of Yahoo a company I have spent countless hours integrating with, playing games on, emailing from.

    It makes no sense. I seems like such an easy thing to maintain a URL and adapt BOSS to use the existing URL structure to provide the same data. It's like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing over there.


  • In under 1 hour, I have already switched one of my apps over to MapQuest API. If I can at some point, from the 404 error page we are getting, click through to the enter credit card details for your yahoomaps api to pay $6/1000 lookups, I will gladly continue using Yahoo.

    Until then, I'm switching to MapQuest.

    Seriously, why on earth is Yahoo giving us a PDF document that describes how to laboriously create a new account and update all our URLs when I should just be able to enter my credit card number and be done?

  • Hey Guys,

    I looked into the problem you are having and noticed you have the wrong URL. Try this one:



  • You guys can change and use Reverse geocoding using geographic coordinates here and test to Yahoo console here

  • @Quaker that's is google…I need WOEID

  • We announced this shut down in fall of 2012. http://www.ysearchblog.com/2012/09/26/boss-geo/

    To get faster and more knowledgeable answers, please ask them in the appropriate area: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ysearchboss/

  • You didn't announce it anywhere I saw it. And the announcement you keep pointing us to does not say "we'll be shutting down the old service on such-and-such a date."

  • Jeff's right, duzins, that article doesn't have anything to do with the where.yahooapis link we are all using and why should we who are, strike, were using that link be expected to read the BOSS api link which I had never heard of until just now?

    Seriously, why don't you just make the where.yahooapis link point to a "pay now to continue service" and make more money off people who WANT TO PAY YOU MONEY!

    Every single yahoo employee right now should be trying to get more money for Yahoo. Does Ms. Meyer know you're just totally ignoring this opportunity to make the company more money?

  • Jeff and PJ M,

    It's important to us that we communicate these major changes effectively. If we aren't, please let us know how you would rather have been notified. Would a direct email to everyone have been more appropriate?

    I encourage you to take up your concerns about the change's communication with the team. You can reach them at their group here: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ysearchboss/

  • An alternative: http://soup.metwit.com/post/47181933854/an-alternative-to-yahoo-weather-api

  • Okay Duzins, now I'm really confused. Now it's our responsibility to tell your coworkers what the problem with this situation is? You have a direct email address for the people in charge. You should really tell them what's going on. You should tell them they are missing out on an opportunity to convert a huge population of developers who have written countless apps on top of your platform into paying customers. YOU go tell them. Tell them right now. Every 404 is a missed opportunity to get MONEY.

  • I have passed on your concerns, of course. I just thought you might like to have a conversation as well.

  • Hey Guys,

    I was also having this same issue but, I did see that the YQL table is still available that provides the same information in the new documentation. There is still some small adjustments that need to be made on the coding side but, for the most part it was pretty quick. The only downside is the amount of records that return. Prior, the geocode service returned more results. The YQL table will return less but, still give the quality of the address, which is what I needed.

    Hope this helps someone.

    select * from geo.placefinder where text = "{address}"

    Public Query:

  • Not cool yahoo.

    I liked it better when your engineers "worked" from home. At least then they didn't break anything.

    Once again I find myself migrating from yahoo to google.

  • hi. just change your search engine. I had the same error via Mozilla but I had no problem via Internet Explorer. Try it and check out the result.


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