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1) I'm trying to register a new application ID with BBAuth with access scopes: Yahoo! Mail with Read/Write access and Yahoo! Address Book with Read Only access using this web-page: https://developer.apps.yahoo.com/wsregapp

However, after the registration process is completed I get access only to Yahoo! Address Book with Read Only access.

2) Moreover, you cannot delete your old applications ID's. It fails without any reason (just ...fails).

3) Also, dear Yahoo! can you please improve the whole process of application registration?
Right now it seams totally broken + it asks me for my password at least 2-3 times + it asks me to create a .html file on my server each time + you cannot edit simple values as BBAuth Success URL.

some dev. info: apparently, after the form on that page is submitted, there are 2 values named wsydn_scopes sent with POST:

wsydn_scopes= maw
wsydn_scopes= abr

so, you just keep the last one :|

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