YUI - DragDrop Problem

Hello out there,

i just start using the ddtarget and ddplayer options in YUI.
Its great! All works.
I can drag and drop my divs and they swap correkt.

I got a little Problem:
Aftrer drag a Div i want to read the form elements inside this divs.
All works fine. But i dont get the current form values! I got the Values of the Proxy element!
Thats only the case in the last draged div!
If i drag another div, the first div is read out correct, and the last draged div is read out fals.
how can i change this behavior?

Here is where i init the target and player:
		tempAbfrageDDTarget[ID] = new YAHOO.util.DDTarget('SpaltenPlatzInhalt'+ID,'Spalten');
tempAbfrageDDObjekte[ID] = new YAHOO.Abfragen.DDPlayer('Spalte'+ID,'Spalten');
tempAbfrageDDObjekte[ID].slot = tempAbfrageDDTarget[ID];
tempAbfrageDDObjekte[ID].slot.player = tempAbfrageDDObjekte[ID];

And here i try to get the Select-Value of an select-element inside one of the draged divs:
tempSpeicherTabellen[tempID] = getSelectedOption('Abfragen_User_Tabelle_'+l);

And there is the breaking point! Here i got the default value (and not the current selected one -.-)

I used the code from one sample DRAGDROP Sample

Do anyone know this problem too?
Thx alot so far. biggrin.gif

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