YQL - Jquery Parsing Raw dump XMl node containing html

I am using YQL and the results are being returned in XML, I have not opted for Json, this Time since I need to emit the exact html under the Results tag of YQL. So i give a call to $.Ajax and get the xml and find the "results" node in the xml.

when i do an alert or appending to a div or a body of html, somehow it seems the whole of Div's and Table's and Td's and Tr's are getting ripped before rendering. I did an alert still didn't see the full raw html.
What am i missing over here. CDATA for covering html inside xml is not an option over here, just trying to render what is being served from YQL.

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  • <span style="font-family:Consolas, Menlo, Monaco, monospace, serif;font-size:14px;line-height:18px;"></br>$(&quot;#result&quot;).html(&quot;&lt;i&gt;Loading...&lt;/i&gt;&quot;);</br>      $.ajax({</br>        type: &quot;GET&quot;,</br>        url: yql,</br>        dataType: &quot;xml&quot;,</br>        success: function (xml) {</br>          info = $(xml).find(&#39;results&#39;);</br>          alert(info.text());</br>          $(&quot;body&quot;).html(info.text());</br>        }<br></span>

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