Weather being blocked by firewall

We're bringing up a new server and are having trouble getting the weather to connect. Most of the firewall ports are closed at this point and nobody knows which one or ones we need to open. We have 80 open and tried the standard RSS port with no joy. The page bangs away at the firewall for about 4-5 minutes before it gives up. Apparently we had this same problem about a year ago but nobody wrote down the fix and all the people involved are now gone. So, does anyone know how we need to configure our firewall to allow the RSSXML feed to work?

Thanks in advance.

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  • hi, i have the same problem, did you fix it? please help.

  • My location is shown by Yahoo as "Cluj-Napoca, Kolozs county" (city situated in Romania, Europe).

    "Kolozs county" is a serious mistake since Kolozs is the Hungarian translation for Cluj, which is the Romanian name of the county and it should be shown as such, in Romanian, since, again, it is located in Romania.

    Please make the right correction.


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