Weather API from a secure site (https)

Our project needs to use a weather widget for US and international sites (e.g. Canada).  Using YQL we are able to get woeid's and location id's that allow us to get information for locations without US zip codes.  However, each solution has a slight problem which is the URL that is used.  We are trying to use jquery ajax or json(p) calls.  The API for json supports https, but I could not find a way to use https for location id or woeid.  This means we get cross domain issues from our secure (https) client and get a warning that our interface is not secure.  I have not looked into OAuth enough to know if we can solve our problem with international weather, but I was hoping someone else has already run into this issue and resolved it.  If you have please let me know.  I can provide code snippets and example URLs for what I have tried to use.  I hope that I am not repeating something already solved in this forum, but I could not find this covered exactly for the weather feeds.  Thanks.

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