Verify domain by Meta Tag

Can anyone tell me if Yahoo intends on supporting domain ownership verification via Meta Tag like Google, Microsoft, etc.?

We want to be able to offer OAuth / SSO from Yahoo within our hosted web / application service to all of our clients out of the box, but because we are a SaaS service we don't allow direct file manipulation and so cannot use the one and only method your service offers for verification.

Until we can verify via Meta Tag like your competitors have been offering for years, we will continue to have to tell our customers that "Yahoo is behind the times and that we're unable to support them."

Would love to hear that it's at least in the pipeline.

Regards, Kevin.

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  • Thanks for your feedback. At this time, domain verification is not available based on a meta tag. We have have noted your comments for consideration during our next round of enhancements. If you have any other suggestions, post them in this forum.

  • I appreciate you getting back Saurabh, but seeing as it took more than three weeks to get a response, you'll forgive me if I don't hold my breath.

    It's little things like not supporting this simple validation technique that spoil your chances of developers ever bothering to integrate you. When you guys can't make the effort, how can you expect us to?


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