Valid appid parameter required for this resource;

When doing a variety of different api requests, i am getting this error.

Valid appid parameter required for this resource; please visit http://developer.yahoo.com/wsregapp to get an appid

example :

http://where.yahooapis.com/v1/continents?appid= &format=json

I have replaced the appid in the above. Should this be working. I sent a support request in, but not received a response yet though.

I have signed up for yahoo boss. activated with credit card.

I've got a bunch of other requests working such as http://yboss.yahooapis.com/geo/placefinder?appid= &flags=J&location=Adelaide%2BSA

The appid that I have is 8 characters long, and found when i go to my projects, and click on the project. I find it next to "Application Id" in the top left of the screen.

Any ideas on this. I was trying for many hours, and this doesn't make sense to me why this isn't working.

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