VERY inconsistent messenger API issues

So i have it working, had* i should say. It logs in, sends an IM as it should. I ran a series of tests because it randomly stops and starts working again. I can find NO consistent reason why. I use an account, it sends 15 or 20 messages with no problem (one every 30 seconds) then it starts error'ing with the dreaded request token failed error. I leave it alone and it fails for about 10 minutes then randomly works, then fails for 3 or 4 minutes then works, then fails then works. There is NO consistent behavior. I have tried 2 different developer ids/keys and 3 different yahoo accounts for credentials. Is Yahoo!'s api just that broken it can not be relied upon? If so i wont use it at all, that would be better than this current scenario.

I am trying to use this for an internal notification system of sorts to let tech support know they have an upcoming appointment on the schedule, but it is to un-reliable!

Does yahoo block accounts on their end or something? The accounts are on each others friends lists as well, so it isn't like it is "spam".

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  • Also i have tried two different ways




    and dont send logout and just let it log back in everytime. Both have same broken results.

  • Tried it again this morning, it sent 52 IM's then failed with the request token. 5 minutes later it sent 2 more then it is failing again.

  • So i guess there is not a real big community for support at yahoo? For some reason i find it hard to believe i am the first person to run into this problem with a company the size of yahoo and its user base.

  • Wow, YDN "forum" is such a joke. Pathetic really. Guess i'll use something else that actually works.

  • Austin, can you post some of the failed requests and responses, complete with the header and response data? You can hide the consumer key/secret or password etc.

  • There is not a problem in the script. As i said it sends perfect for about 50 messages then just starts failing more than sending. It is a loop so no code changes from iteration 1 to iteration x when it fails. Based on the API from github

    if (!$engine->fetch_request_token()) die('YAHOO HAS DIED');

    That is where it fails. Below is the constructor from the API but it is on github.

        public function fetch_request_token()
            //prepare url
            $url = $this::URL_OAUTH_DIRECT;
            $url .= '?login='. $this->_config['username'];
            $url .= '&passwd='. $this->_config['password'];
            $url .= '&oauth_consumer_key='. $this->_config['consumer_key'];     
            $rs = $this->curl($url);
            if (stripos($rs, 'RequestToken') === false) return false;
            $request_token = trim(str_replace('RequestToken=', '', $rs));
            $this->_token['request'] = $request_token;
            return $rs;

    This is why i believe it is a yahoo limitation of some sort. Logins, messages, etc.. Something is limited.


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