Storage Quota and CSS/JS

So I'm trying to make a yahoo mail app, but the storage quota is too low (250KB) if I need to host the assets in my app itself (which the guidelines state that I do).

Someone on this thread said that I could host them externally: http://developer.yahoo.com/forum/Yahoo-Mail-Application-Platform/Developer-storage-quota-exceeded/1276650750000-f2f9a2bc-efd9-37e4-897e-6e2a6ffb4d55

Is this true? Can I host CSS/JS on my own server? Or is there a way to increase the quota? Given the JS libraries I need to use, there's no way to get below 250KB if I have to host it and my CSS in the app.

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  • Are you referring to Yahoo! Open Mail apps?

  • Yes. The old forum was moved here, so maybe this isn't the right place for an answer? But I would really like to get advice on my problem...


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