Registration/verification for Yahoo Web Services too quick

We're using Browser Based Auth APIs to access one of the Yahoo Web Services, and having a hellish time registering/verifying our application for our production environment. We have a fairly large web infrastructure, and can't just toss the needed file w/ text on to our site quick enough before the Domain Confirmation can be completed before a timeout occurs, and I am sent back to the previous page to refill in all my information. Then I have to start all over as it doesn't generate the same information each time. Why it won't let me verify at a later time(with stored info) I have no idea ( a much needed feature ), but really starting to bust our heads against the wall with this as its a fairly big deal to bounce our outward facing http servers for the changes necessary to access this file. And since this timeout occurs so quick, its even more difficult.

Wondering if theres anyone at Yahoo who can help w/ this or another method we can use to register an application and get our app ids and auth codes.


- Chris
Systems Team

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  • Chris,

    Shoot me an email at rtippins at yahoo-inc.com and we'll give you a hand. :)Community Manager, YDN

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