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I have a site at: http://www.usmexfood.com/ that I am just starting to develop. I want to utilize some of the YDN stuff on it. Tried to talk to Ted Drake about it but either my e-mails aren't getting through to him or his responses aren't getting through to me or he's not responding or some other sort of communication breakdown so I'll bring up my first question here.

In the "flickr" panel I want to post a thumbnail scrollable slideshow preview thingie that would showcase various flickr albums such as: http://www.flickr.com/groups/localmexicanfood/ People would be able to left/right scroll through the thumbnails to preview them all and also be able to click on a particular picture if they wanted to see it bigger. Can somebody point me to a script/tutorial for that? Once I get that out of the way I want to add more YDN stuff.

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  • Hey Christian,

    Next time I talk to Ted I'll give him a little nudge ;)The best place to probably is code.flickr.com which is the Flickr specific developer site.
  • Thanks for the response. I didn't know about code.flickr.com before... or the other link...
  • Total communication failure :( I'm just now noticing this message. Christian, did this solve your problem? I don't remember a flickr question from you earlier.

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