Question: Strange "From" Address Appearing in Yahoo Mail

I use a computer at my work which I have access to, but IT can access if they want. On the computer, I sometimes use IE7 to access my Yahoo Mail Plus account.

Recently, I found that when I log into my Yahoo account, click on "New," then "Email Message," and then I click on the "From" field, I get a drop-down menu with my two usual addresses--and a third one, a strange one that I never used before and never entered. The email address contains my name and suggests someone is monitoring me. If I send an email to that account, it comes back to my account.

If I log in to Yahoo Mail using any other computer, or any other browser on the work computer, the third address does not appear. The extra address is not in my Extra emails list, nor is it listed under "Forwarding."

Can anyone tell me what is going on? Is it possible that the IT people found my Yahoo mail password, got into my account, and set up something I don't know about? And is it possible to discover what they did and show they did it?

Thanks for any ideas or info. I hope this is not an inappropriate place to ask this question.

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