PlaceFinder: returning long/lat for different address


I am using Placefinder API but it is returning long/lat of different address.

For Example: for address 35 Millfield, Mill Place, Kingston-Upon-Thames, KT1 2RP it is returning long/lat for address 298 ilford lane, ilford, essex, IG12LP

Response XML doc shows that correct address is sent to API but result tags are showing 298 ilford lane address.



-result- latitude 51.55018 latitude longitude 0.07489 longitude offsetlat 51.550091 offsetlat offsetlon 0.074729 offsetlon radius 400 radius name line1 298 Ilford Lane line1 line2 Ilford line2 line3 IG1 2LP line3 line4 United Kingdom line4 result results placefinder bossresponse

Can you please advice.

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