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I run a set of social networks under the banner easyProfiles. e.g. ircprofiles.com skydiveprofiles.net etc
I've just added a text box that my members can paste in the Yahoo Pingbox code so as to have chat from their profiles back to themselves.
All working lovely : ) I am so far very impressed.

Struck me though that as a publisher do I have to tell Yahoo! Im setting this up?
Karma and God aside, am I ever, in any way, liable for anything that happens because of what Ive done?
Should I provide disclaimers?
Could Yahoo! come up with something if necessary for us legally impoverish developers?

I'm pretty sure Yahoo! will have wrapped it up their end with the license to use the Pingbox code, but thats between Yahoo and their customers. As third parties are we covered, or simply not liable?

I would hate to think that there would be any one who would see suing a web outfit for whatever reason because of pingbox necessary, but if a law stands, it will often be tested.

You can, naturally, often find me at ircprofiles.com/pete ( via the new Pingbox interface : )

Pete Lock

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  • Hi Pete,

    Thanks for your message (and sorry for the late reply). Pingbox can be embedded on whatever platform supports it. You're using the technology in the way it was intended to be used, and I don't anticipate any issues with the described implementation.


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