New messenger crash

So I've decided sometime ago to upgrade from messenger 8. Big mistake. As I had to upgrade to messenger 11beta, that's how long time has passed since I haven't use any of the messenger 9 or 10 - because I always had tons of bugs during my use of the program. Now, few days back when 11 came out, I upgraded from beta to 11 and from the second I signed in, it crashed. I read something on forums that it has to do with my windows 7 interface and that I have to change (/or disable, i'm not sure) the skins. I tried to change the skin, worked for a bit, then the crashes started again. I've reinstalled the program lots of times, restarted my computer, cleaned my registries etc still the same. Anyways when I try to reinstall an older messenger, a yahoo page opens saying that it could not really be found and messenger has nowhere to download I don't know what. Another error I get when I try to reinstall 8,9 or 10, from windows that some firewall is blocking the download of i don't know what. But since this came only after I installed messenger 11, I don't have doubts about my windows.

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