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I have this idea for a new search engine and its simple,
innovative and user friendly. OK here it is imagine the wheel off of
wheel of fortune. You know how it's divided into sections with
dollar amounts. Well take the wheel and put it around the search engine
task bar. And instead of dollar amounts in each section you put in
different web search categories. For example education, images,
shopping, business, etc. And when you type in a search topic it will
search in all categories just like search engines do now, but if you
want only one or two categories you can manually choose witch ones you

Now let me give an example of how it works. Let us just say Iâ¬"m doing
some homework about dogs. I type dog in a search engine and I get sites
about information on dogs, but I also get dog breeders selling dogs and
dog supplies and I don't want those sites. So then I would choose the
education category from the wheel and I would only get information
sties. Ok let say I want information and breeders selling dogs well I
would choose education and shopping and I would get both.

So now that you understand the basic idea lets go into details. Of
course you would be able to go into preferences and add or remove
categories. Why? Because people don't want an adult content category
showing, but they do want to be able to add it when their in private.
Also you want to let people customize their wheels theme and they can do
that in preferences as well. Now I have several more ideas, but I feel
that my paper is starting to get too long. I hope I conveyed my ideas
clearly enough for you guys to understand and use.

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